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Consultancy (IT - Information Tehnology, Training and Learning)

Consultancy (IT - Information Tehnology)

The tools set of a modern accountant has changed from pen, paper, and adding machine to robust computer based accounting software. With accounting software, businesses can automate their accounting processes. This can also help companies detect and reduce accounting errors and save costs.

We advise and recommend a complete cost effective Software package with general solutions targeted to different business sizes from small to medium to large businesses.

You may require a consultant to implement accounting software in your business. Services offered by DEACIL include installation, customization, and maintenance, upgrading, and troubleshooting of your accounting software. We will also offer training and advice for the package.

Consultancy (Training and Learning)

DEACIL, firm of chartered accountants is actively involved in human capacity building. We have a robust strategic partnership with various learning and development organizations across various fields. By this we keep our team of young professionals abreast of all relevant development through effective on/off-the-job skill sharpening trainings. We can efficiently provide services in areas like corporate law advice, project planning and finance, investigations relating to share valuation for takeovers, amalgamation, business advice, secretarial work etc.


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